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Матеріали Інституту обдарованої дитини АПН України

Yevtukh M.B., Vilchkovsky E.S., Voloshchuk І.S., Rudyk Y.M.

Psychology and pedagogy of creative development of a gifted person / Monograph on analysis of results of foreign studies
Інститут обдарованої дитини НАПН України

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Even in ancient times the mankind made attempts to differentiate each other according to their ability to study and to the way of performing any work. Since those times there has been a continuous search how to reveal these abilities so that it become possible to identify individual peculiarities of each child at early age. It will enable teachers to determine the right focus of their development. And this, in its turn, will lead to progress and success in their adult life.

Though nowadays we can make sure that Nature has hidden human individuality, it is not that easy to identify whether a child is gifted and what talents and abilities it has got. For centuries researchers and scientists have been doing tries to study this phenomenon, a big number of research results have been published but the science has got an iota of progress.

There is no one point of view on the definition of giftedness and talent as well there are absent valid methods of its measurement. There is no consensus about the possibilities and efficiency of educational impact on the development of general and specific capacities of a person.

Research conducted by foreign authors in terms of these urgent issues shows great interest in giftedness and talent.


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