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Матеріали Інституту обдарованої дитини АПН України

Methodical bases of psychological-pedagogical diagnostics of intellectual giftedness / Monograph

I.S. Voloshchuk, V.R. Pasichnyk, Y.M. Rudyk
Інститут обдарованої дитини НАПН України

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The monograph clarifies the essence of intellectual giftedness with an emphasis on its capable nature. A retrospective review of the results of the study of human intelligence has done, the place of the creative component in the psychological structure of the intellectually gifted person is indicated. The biological and social determinants of intellectual giftedness are determined, on the basis of which an extended concept is proposed, in which giftedness is treated as a crosssection of the mental, spiritual and energetic spheres of the individual. The typological characteristics of intellectually gifted individuals are given. At the level of theoretical foundations and methodological approaches the technique of diagnostics of intellectual giftedness is substantiated.
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